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Tiger slaying Dragon

Tiger slaying Dragon or Dragon-slaying Tiger?

Tiger Shrikes (Lanius tigrinus) are a migratory bird species that winters or pass through Singapore. Normally in the autumn months, the juveniles will pass through in significant numbers, and the former Bidadari Muslim Cemetery is a good place to see them.

The lizards from the genus Draco (meaning dragon) are commonly called flying dragons. They have an outstretched membrane made of skin between their ribs that aid in their gliding. They too can be found in Singapore, and Bidadari is an ideal environment as there are plenty of insects that serve as their food.

Tiger Shrike
(A juvenile Tiger Shrike with a flying dragon, Draco sumatranus)

This is a story told in pictures about the encounter of the Tiger and the Dragon that took place in September 2011.

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New Year’s Eve hiking

I was having a day off on New Year’s Eve and I decided to go hiking to Singapore Quarry in the afternoon. The sky was overcast and I was a bit worried that rain would fall before I made it to the site. Sure enough, around 100 meters to the site, it started pouring. Thankfully I managed to make a quick dash to the shelter without getting drenched.

Waiting for the rain to stop, I set up my camera gear in preparation for taking pictures of the Little Grebes that I had previously photographed. Scanning my surrounding, I heard a bird calling and pointed my camera to get a clearer picture.

It was a Tiger Shrike, calling out in the rain. I took some pictures, and the turned on my camera’s video. My apologies for the wind blowing sound in the video. I need to sort this technical issue out.

Soon, the rain subsided. And after a little while, the Little Grebes appeared at their usual spot. Bobbing in and out of water catching their prey.

First, there is one.
Little Grebe - IMG_3367

The pair together
Little Grebe - IMG_3411

Another view
Little Grebe - IMG_3424
While concentrating with these, I noticed far in the distance, a raptor was circling the pond and then proceeded to perch. It was a juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle.

Front view
White-bellied Sea Eagle - IMG_3545

Back view
White-bellied Sea Eagle - IMG_3638

Last picture
White-bellied Sea Eagle - IMG_3668


Evening time came much too soon and I had leave. While I was packing up, the Sea Eagle proceeded to circle round the pond searching for it’s own meal. Mine was still a hike back away.