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Pied Myna in Singapore

The Pied Myna (Gracupica contra) or Asian Pied Starling is a bird species in the starling family that is native to South and South-east Asia. In South-east Asia, they are found in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (subspecies floweri), and Indonesia (subspecies jalla)

In Singapore, the Pied Myna is believed to be an introduced species with no known breeding record. However they have been seen a few times near Neo Tiew/Kranji area over a period of a few years. In early 2012, a few of them were sighted at Kranji near a golf course. Closer examination of their facial features revealed they are likely to be the subspecies floweri, originally from northern South-east Asia.

Subsequently observation revealed at least three birds as well as a nest, at a tree next to the golf course. The Pied Mynas were feeding on the lawn of the golf course, together with a mixed flock of Javan Mynas, Common Mynas and wintering Eastern Yellow Wagtails.

Of the three birds, two were observed to be close and believed to be the pair that built the nest, while the third seems to be fond of attacking the pair. This happened quite frequently, both at the feeding area as well as at the nest. Due to the lack of observers, the nest was not monitored daily. Subsequently the nest was abandoned, with the mynas disappearing as well. Speculation was that the constant harassment of the pair by the third myna contributed to the abandonment.

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