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A pair of Little Grebes

Little Grebes are pretty common water birds in many parts of the world. In Singapore however, there are only a few pairs left due to habitat destruction.

As far as I know, the disused Singapore Quarry near Dairy Farm Road is the only place you can easily observe these small duck like creatures. I was there on a Saturday afternoon looking for them. For 15 minutes I stared at the pond and only found swallows flying around. Only upon closer look did I manage to see the grebes, as they were very far away, and I did not expect them to be so small!


A pair of Little Grebes sharing a photo with Pacific Swallows

A pair of Little Grebes and some Pacific Swallows


A closer look (the pink bubble gum like packages are eggs of the apple snails)
A pair of Little Grebes


Another shot
A pair of Little Grebes