Blue-winged Leafbirds of Jelutong Tower

The Blue-winged Leafbird (Chloropsis cochinchinensis) is found mainly in North-East India through South East Asia. It is the commonest of the 3 species of leafbirds in Singapore. It can be found in Bukit Timah, Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Southern Ridges extending to Mount Faber and even Sentosa Island.

The male differs from the female in appearance (see pictures below). They are normally found in pairs and sometimes in a small flock. Normally, they are hard to spot unless on the move while feeding or flying to a new destination due to their green colouration.

One of the benefit of Jelutong Tower in spotting of leafbirds is that it has a good view of the surrounding forest, so the movement of leafbirds are easy to monitor. The other reason is that the leafbirds like the plants around the tower, particularly the Poikilospermum climber. It has also been seen feeding on insects.

Blue-winged Leafbird
(Front view of the male. A black face and bib, bordered by yellowish head. Notice how close in colour it is to the leaf)

Blue-winged Leafbird
(Side view of the male, showing the blue colours of the wings and tail feathers. Some field guides do not show the full extent of the blue feathers)

Blue-winged Leafbird
(The female in comparison lacks the black face and bib)

Blue-winged Leafbird
(Another female, this time with worn feathers)

Blue-winged Leafbird
(A male, capturing a large green insect)

Blue-winged Leafbird
(In flight, wings folded)

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