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First year of bird photography

On 29 April 2010, I bought a 300mm lens to try out for birds and butterflies photography. About two months in, I gave up on photographing butterflies but kept on photographing birds. Since then, I’ve kept track of this hobby more meticulously that I normally would.

Today marks the first year of this endevour for me. What have I accomplished so far:

  1. Discovered and photographed 2 new species of escapee birds (White-rumped Seedeater and Crimson-rumped Waxbill).
  2. First to photograph in the wild a new species of escapee bird (Black-and-white Mannikin), that was first discovered elsewhere captured for ringing purposes.
  3. Discovered a flock of Yellow-fronted Canaries (another escapee bird) that in the past have only been found singly.
  4. Explored and popularized a patch of land called Punggol Mini Grassland near Punggol East Road

First among my group to photograph the following uncommon birds:

  1. A flock of 3 Jerdon Bazas, a rare migrant to our shores (Lorong Halus).
  2. Sooty-headed Bulbuls flock (Punggol East)
  3. Black Swan cygnets (Singapore Botanic Garden)
  4. Little Grebes fledglings (Lorong Halus)
  5. Plaintive Cuckoos (Lorong Halus and Tuas Grassland)
  6. Male Banded Bay Cuckoo (Lorong Halus)

Photos and articles in Bird Ecology Study Group blog:

  1. Lineated Barbet Feeding Chick
  2. Black-and-white Mannikin Spotted
  3. Crimson-Rumped Waxbill, Another Exotic Canary
  4. Yellow-fronted Canary and White-rumped Seedeater Spotted
  5. Long-tailed Shrike and Fledglings
  6. Collared Kingfisher Catches A Froglet

My bird count stands at 170 identified non-captive birds photographed in Singapore, and 23 for birds captured in Fraser’s Hill bringing a total of 193.