Black Swans

No, this is not a movie review. Rather, this is a post on the real Black Swans. The kind that turns from ugly ducklings to handsome creatures upon adulthood.

I suppose most people have heard of the existence of Black Swans. In Singapore, they are an ornamental species introduced (from Australia) to the Singapore Botanical Garden no doubt due to their unusual appearance. Armed with the knowledge of their existence, I made my way there to have an actual sighting and hopefully some nice photographs.

What I did not expect, and for which I was very fortunate to witness was that there was a swan couple who just started a family!

Black Swan family

The couple with four recently hatched cygnets

Black Swan family

What I didn’t know was that the cygnets are actually white in colour!

Black Swan cygnet

A closer look at a cygnet. Isn’t it cute and fluffy? Not ugly at all.

Black Swan cygnet

Cygnets feeding.

From what I gathered, this is the first time that the Black Swan is raising a family. Mind you that these photos were taken more than a month ago. So by now, the cygnets would have been much bigger. I hope that they manage to grow up safe and sound.

4 thoughts on “Black Swans

  1. LSC

    I saw the 3 adult black swan today with four grown up baby swan. I noticed one of the adult swan (look younger) is not welcomed to the family. Probably there is a triangle relationship among them. It was chased away by the other adult swan(who take care of the 4 baby swan and I think this is a mother swan). Another adult swan just watching after the chase (I think this is the father swan that having relationship with another).

    I am just curious to know if a swan does not have partner, what will happen to it. I also understand that most swan have only 1 partner.

  2. fryap Post author

    Swans partner for life. And the parent was probably chasing the other non-parent swan away, just like they will chase us away if we approach the cygnets too closely. Their parental instinct is strong.

  3. LSC

    I am wondering where the black swans are right now. I went last week, but none of the black swan is there. Are the located to somewhere else? I missed the baby swan

    1. fryap Post author

      I have not been to the Eco Lake in SBG for quite some time. The cygnets would have grown significantly by now and may be more mobile.


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