Smooth-coated Otters Part 2

About a week after my first encounter with the smooth-coated otters, I was eager to go see them again. It was a weekend and I headed to Sungei Buloh with anticipation.

Walk and walk I did, but the otters were nowhere in sight. For an hour and a half, I was looking at every nook and cranny. After completing the whole route, I decided to give it one last chance and went to the spot where I last caught sight of the otters. No luck, but I heard yelping on the other side of the mangrove bank at a short distance away. Could it be them?

I did not have a clear view, as the mangrove plants were really getting in the way, but through the leaves, I could see grey figures moving and yelping away incessantly. Quickly finding an opening, I found them. Again!

Crouching at an awkward angle, I did all I could to get some decent shots. It didn’t help that I was using a new lens that did not have image-stabilization. Luckily for me, there were some usable shots.

1. Hi there!
Smooth-coated Otter

2. This time around, there are four of them!
Smooth-coated Otter

3. Group huddle
Smooth-coated Otter

4. Curiosity
Smooth-coated Otter

5. Everyone gets fish for dinner
Smooth-coated Otter

6. Serious eats
Smooth-coated Otter

7. Ever vigilant
Smooth-coated Otter

8. Watch it!
Smooth-coated Otter

9. The dive
Smooth-coated Otter

10. Enough eating, let’s play!

Smooth-coated Otter

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